Kotlin meetup with Christophe Beyls

This meetup we have Christophe Beyls (https://medium.com/@BladeCoder) who will be giving a talk.

Exploring Kotlin’s hidden costs 

We’ll study the bytecode generated by the Kotlin compiler in various scenarios in order to find out which code constructs come with hidden performance penalties and learn how to become better Kotlin programmers. This talk will be based on my series of blog posts about this topic and will extend it in some areas.

Enter the gate with ‘charleroi danses‘ written on it https://hsbxl.be/Contact 

by public transport: 2 metro stations from southstation: delacroix or tramstation place duchesse

Go inside at the end take left there’s an elevator press the blue button next to the sticker HSBXL.

Drinks and some food will be provided, so please update you’re RSVP if you can not make it. Thanks!